Vigatibootha Sharira

Vigatibootha Is A Mystical Power Attained By Yogis

Vigatibootha Sharira: Vigatibootha is an invisible power mentioned in the Vedas of hindu religion. A yogi travels by vigatibootha sharira after practising yoga for ages. It was prevalent and common in kruta yuga, tretha yuga and dwapara yuga. Everything in the universe from tiny objects to huge galaxies is made up of aotms. A saint […]

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Birth of Dattatreya

Dattatreya Is An Avadhoota And Avatar Of SrimahaVishnu

Birth of Dattatreya: Dattatreya was born to Atri maharshi and Anasuya devi. He was born in margashirsha masa-poornima after the completion of 500 years in Kruta yuga. Markandaya purana gives complete information about Dattatreya. He is an Avadooth and an avatar of Vishnu. This avatar of Vishnu is eternal. In a year, during dakshinayana (6 […]

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Pregnant women

Can Pregnant Women Go To Temples

  Brihaspathi smruthi for Pregnant women: Deva guru Brihaspathi compiled some rules that have to be followed during pregnancy. These are called Brihaspathi smruthis. Besides Brihaspathi, Sukhracharya also compiled them. According to these smruthis, pregnant women must not go to temples. The reason behind this is temples have a large amount of unseen supernatural power […]

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