Birth of Dattatreya

Dattatreya Is An Avadhoota And Avatar Of SrimahaVishnu

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Birth of Dattatreya:

Dattatreya was born to Atri maharshi and Anasuya devi. He was born in margashirsha masa-poornima after the completion of 500 years in Kruta yuga.
Markandaya purana gives complete information about Dattatreya. He is an Avadooth and an avatar of Vishnu. This avatar of Vishnu is eternal. In a year, during dakshinayana (6 months), he lives in sahya parvata(mountain) and in uttarayana (6 months) he lives in a cave near Badari Kedarnath (the cave is called Dattatreya cave, Shankaracharya left his body in the same cave).
Though he was born in kruta yuga, he lives forever and remains the same in all yugas. That is why he is called as Sarvakaala Purusha.
He was born after taking powers of Shiva and Brahma along with him, that’s why he has 3 faces. Lakshmi devi was born as Anagha devi and became his wife. He travels by Vigatibhootha sharira. He tests his devotees a lot. Indra, Parushurama, Karthveeryarjuna and many others were his devotees.
He likes the beejakshara ‘Dhraam’ very much.

Mantra: om dhraam dattatreyaya namaha

whoever recites the above mantra will get the grace of him very soon.
He has a cow and four dogs beside him. The cow indicates dharma and the four dogs are the four Vedas.

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