Laxmi Mantra Lalithasahasranama Balakanda For Good Job

Which God Should One Worship To Get A Good Job

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There are many ways mentioned in hindu mythology to get a good job quickly. The following are the 3 easy, efficient and simple ways.

One can follow any 1 of the 3 ways to get a good job

Laxmi Mantra Lalithasahasranama Balakanda For Good Job

Vyooha Lakshmi mantra:

There is a very powerful mantra of Maha Lakshmi which is called Vyooha Lakshmi mantra.

om sri om namaha, parama lakshmiyai, vishnu vakshastithayai,
ramayai, aashritha trarakayai, namoh, vannijayai namah.

The above mantra must be recited in the morning for 1000 times for 9 fridays. You will get a high paid salary job after completion of 9 fridays.


Lalithasahasranama For Good Job


One should recite 143 and 144 slokas of Lalithasahasranama  daily for 108 times for 40days. One must recite these slokas in front of durga devi photo or idol by offering misri as naivedya to durga devi. The offered misri must be eaten after reciting the slokas.


Balakanda Of Ramayana For Good Job


One should read 1st sarga of balakand of Ramayana. It has just 100 slokas. This sarga is also called Sankshiptha Ramayana.One should read it daily in the morning for 40 days in front of lord Rama photo and offering any kind of sweet as naivedya. After reading the 1st sarga, the offered sweet must be eaten.
(people who cannot read, they can ask a pandit to read the 1st sarga for them. One must give dakshina to the pandit after the parayan)


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