Padarasa Shiva Linga

Padarasa Shiva Linga – Worship And Importance


Vijjeshwara samhita of Shiva purana describes the advantages of worshipping different kinds of Shiva lingas. Making of Padarasa Shiva linga has a special process. It involves mixing of some herbs  and needs much concentration to make it.

One must not touch it by wearing dirty clothes and without having bath. We must not worship padarasa Shiva linga with Sampangi (chempaka) and Mogali (ketaka) flowers and remaining all flowers can be used in the worship.

First, we have to perform abhisheka to padarasa Shiva linga with water, next with milk, panchamrutha and again with water. After the abhishek place garika/kusha grass on shiva linga to get better results.

The panamatta of the linga must not be made with any metals like gold, silver, panchaloha, bronze etc. Because padarasa (mercury) destroys metals. We can place glass as panamatta. To acquire a lot of wealth quickly, we should offer a special pooja to padarasa Shiva linga with dried bilva parta (leaves).

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