Shani Dosha - Remedies (Puja Nivaran Parihara) To Overcome From Shani Dosha

Remedies To Overcome From Shani Dosha

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There are many remedies mentioned in hindu shastras to overcome from shani dosha. One can follow any 1 of the given solutions below.

Shani Dosha - Remedies (Puja Nivaran Parihara) To Overcome From Shani Dosha

Shani sloka:

There is a Shani sloka mentioned in Parashara samhita and Padma purana.
One must recite this sloka daily 108 times in the morning for 40 days, Or, one can recite it 1000 times in the morning for 9 days.

konam, neelanjana prakyam, mandacheysta prasarinam
chaya maartanda sambhootam, namashyami shanicharam

This is a very powerful Shani sloka and can be recited everyday to get better results.


Vaidhyanadeshwara linga for Shani dosha:

Vaidhyanadeshwara linga for Shani dosha

Vaidhyanadeshwara linga is one of the 12 jyothirlingas. It can remove many doshas like Shani dosha and touching and having darshan of this lings can cure many diseases.
One should perform abhishek to Vaidhyanadeshwara linga on monday in rahukaal to over come from shani dosha.


Worshipping Hanuman for Shani dosha:

Worshipping Hanuman for Shani dosha

One must perform a special pooja to Hanuman with gandasindur or with betel leaves on every saturday.
Once upon a time, Shani and Hanuman had a skirmish. In that fight, Shani could not withstand before Hanuman’s power and got defeated. After that Hanuman ordered Shani not to trouble his devotees. Then Shani took an oath in front of Hanuman “whoever worships Hanuman on saturdays before 12.00 in the morning with betel leaves or with gandasindur, I won’t trouble them and they can be overcome from Shani dosha very easily.


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