Rules To Be Followed Before Solar And Lunar Eclipse (Grahana)


Grahana (eclipse) means to catch. Rahu is a powerful shadow planet that takes hold of the Sun or the Moon partially or completely and leaves after sometime, making the Sun or the Moon invisible to us. which is called Surya Grahana(solar eclipse) and Chandra Grahana(lunar eclipse). Surya Grahana occurs only on Amavasya(new moon) and Chandra Grahana occurs only on Poornima(full moon). Puranas like Shiva purana, Brahma vaivartha purana, bhagavata spoke about it. Mainly Sourapurana spoke the rules that must be followed during Grahana. These are

  1. We should not come out during Grahana.
  2. We have to take a bath before 15 minutes of Grahana.
  3. Must not take food during Grahana(taking food leads to digestive problems, gas trouble, stomach pain and loss of memory. (This is scientifically proven)
  4. Pregnant women must not come before and after two hours of Grahana, because some harmful rays released during Grahana would effect the baby.
  5. Must be kept Darba/Kusha grass at home.
  6. Must not get angry which leads to the destruction of sense organs.
  7. Must not read Puranas, Vedas etc.
  8. Must concentrate on God and can recite the mantras given by a Guru.

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