Rules To Be Followed After Solar And Lunar Eclipse (Grahana)


  1. Must have a bath 15 minutes before Grahana. (this bath gives the punya of bathing in ganga in kailasa)
  2. Before having bath we must say Sankalpa.(specifying your location)
    Procedure of Sankalpa:
    Shweta varaaha kalpa
    Vaivaswata manvanarae
    Bharatadesa, Bharatavarsha, Bharatakhanda
    Meroh dakshina dikbhagae
    Samastha brahmana devata hari hara guru charana sannihi
    Your gothram………
    Your name……..
  3. After having bath, we must offer food to a scholar or to a poor person.
  4. Offer gold to a scholar or to a poor person.(offering 1 gram of gold gives the punya  of offering 1000 grams of gold during grahana. Once Sri Krishna also offered gold at Prabhasa Kshetra-Gujarat)
  5. Offer a Cow.
  6. After Grahana, making a pradakshina around parents gives the punya of pradikshina around the Earth.
  7. Must be kept Darbha/Kusha grass at home.
  8. Clean your home.
  9. Clean the idols of God.
    Following these rules yield good results and help us to become rich, healthy, fortunate and might even reach heaven.

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