Rules To Be Followed While Travelling And Going Out On Job During Grahana (Eclipse)



We must not travel during Grahana (eclipse). According to hindu Dharma Shastras, even a crow does not travel during Grahana. But there are some remedies/solutions mentioned in puranas to avoid negative impacts if we travel during Grahana

Grahana Precautions To Be Followed During Journey:

  • If  the situation is compulsory, one can start journey by holding a Darbha/Kusha grass in the hand and reciting the names of Srimahavishnu like Damodara, Sankarshana, Vasudeva, Pradyumna etc.

Grahana Precautions To Be Followed During Job:

  • One can go out for work by reciting the various names of Shiva. But one must go to a temple  and should have a darshan of the God on the following day.

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