Vigatibootha Sharira

Vigatibootha Is A Mystical Power Attained By Yogis

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Vigatibootha Sharira:

Vigatibootha is an invisible power mentioned in the Vedas of hindu religion. A yogi travels by vigatibootha sharira after practising yoga for ages. It was prevalent and common in kruta yuga, tretha yuga and dwapara yuga.

Everything in the universe from tiny objects to huge galaxies is made up of aotms. A saint or a yogi knows this very well. The maharishies of India observed, studies and understood the natural phenomena profoundly and attained the power of vigatibootha.

Vigatibootha Sharira

This process involves in the division of the atoms in the body. The divided atoms spread in the air and become invisible. Though divided into tiny atoms an expert (maharishi) can have complete control of his body and can travel invisibly in the air and can reach the destiny within seconds. He can re-unite the divided atoms whenever he wants. This practice is highly difficult in Kali yuga.

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